Computer Science & Engineering

         Computers are the backbone of today’s era. Computing has become ubiquitous. With the rapid development in computer hardware and software technology and the application of the computer in almost all walks of life, computer education has become a need of hour.

Computer Science & Engg. @ SYSITS:-

         We, here at SYSITS- computer science department, are fully geared to provide computer education to the students. The department has state-of-the-art three laboratories each with 60 computers each, well qualified and experienced faculties and staff to cater to above requirements. In a nutshell, the department strives to create an ambiance that provides opportunities for all-round development of students to face the competitive world.

Department has implemented lab cum classroom teaching concept. In this concept we promote hands on practical training. Each student is allocated a personal computer exclusively for his/her use for the while session which results in improved interest in practical, customized interface and thorough hands on expertise on latest technologies. All theory classes and practical’s are conducted at lab-cum class for the whole day.

Frequently Organised Workshops:-

1. Cloud Computing.

2. Cyber Crime.

3. Artificial Intelligence.

4. C/C++.

5. Network security.

6. CCNA.

And Many More…..